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Our Story

A unique approach to creating chemicals​

Biome Future’s mission is to create effective and safe chemical solutions for people and our oceans. Current personal care products are often made from chemicals derived from petroleum and plants that are grown and harvested in unsustainable ways, destroying our rainforests and waterways. These chemicals can contain toxins that are harmful to people and the environment. Additionally, marketing teams and advertising will use unregulated terms like “reef friendly” to falsely advertise toxic or untested products.  Biome Future aims to reduce the use of dangerous chemicals in personal care products and bring truth to “reef friendly” advertising. Using our interdisciplinary experience in ecology, chemistry, and genomics, we extract valuable information from marine microbes for the design and development of a manufacturable chemical. We harness naturally occurring microbes from corals to formulate powerful, non-toxic chemical solutions for the eco-conscious consumer. Our chemicals are rigorously tested, effective, and most of all sustainable. Our customers can trust that our unique and proven chemicals are truly safe for our oceans. 

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